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Refunds, Fees, Unpaid Dues & Make-up Policies

Financial Policies and Obligations

  1. When you accept an offer to participate, you accept the financial obligations for the entire club fee for that season. When teams are composed, monies immediately go directly into tournament entries, coach salaries, facility rentals, and administrative fees.

  2. Due to our budget and limited gym space, we do NOT offer refunds or make-ups for players who do not come to practice due to illness, injuries, or their conflicts. Refunds will NOT be given to athletes who choose not to play because of conflicts, team or coaching assignments, or an individual's amount of playing time. (See #4)

  3. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY reason, even in the event that your daughter/son quits, is suspended, injured, becomes ill at any point in the season, or some act of God occurs that requires cancellation of tournaments and/or practices.

  4. Due to this NON-REFUNDABLE policy, we provide the opportunity to purchase registration insurance through RegSaver. When you sign up for our programs, you may purchase the optional registration insurance to protect your player's financial obligations so that you may receive a refund should they become sick or injured. This protection is highly recommended.

  5. If a program is canceled prior to it being started, a refund will be issued.

  6. If YOU cancel a registration prior to the start of the program, you will be credited towards another program.

Policy On Unpaid Players Fees:

A Junior Club player must remit all club fees as specified by their Club/Team within the club's scheduled time frame. If fees are unpaid at the end of the Club's season, the Club Director may use any legal means necessary to obtain payment, i.e. collection agency. Nonpayment will result in the athlete's name being submitted to the NERVA Region Office, which requests the athlete be restricted from registering or participating with the Region until the fees are paid. A letter requesting payment that includes the parent's name, player's name, player's age level, and notification of this policy must be sent to the family and a copy to the region office.

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